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New York Times – Women in The World
Why Can’t great Artist be Mothers Too? -A group of rising artists strongly rejects the all-or-nothing, children-versus-art premise”
Feature by Jacoba Urist - 2015

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Of Home and Nature – Cig Harvey”
Book and Exhibition Review - 2015

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“Cig Harvey: Gardening At Night”
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Cig Harvey – Gardening at Night”
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Interview and Feature by Aline Smithson - 2015

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From Art to Advertising - Why People are Captivated by the Surreal images of Cig Harvey
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Cover and Feature by Edgar Allen Beem – 2014

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Highlights from the Prix de Virginia Award

Sneock (Belgium)
Nostalgia and Emergencies”
Feature by Marjorie Blomme – 2012

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Exhibition Review - 2012

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Cig Harvey - You Look at Me like an Emergency”
Book Review You 2012

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Cig Harvey - You Look at Me like an Emergency”
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Cig Harvey - You Look at Me like an Emergency”
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The Magical realism of Cig Harvey”
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The Moments Between the Moments – A Portrait of a Photographer as Storyteller”
Interview and Portfolio Feature by Joshua Bodwell 2008

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"Rising Star"
Feature by Anthony La Sala - 2006


Why can’t great artists be mothers?

A group of rising artists strongly rejects the all-or-nothing, children-versus-art premise
JACOBA URIST - 05.21.15


Spring Photo Book Guide

" Cig Harvey reveals the mysticism in the mundane. Her photos, taken over the course of four years, explore the passage of time and show that home is wherever you look for it." 
— VOGUE Magazine

The Night and the Light - An essay by Vicki Goldberg for gardening at night

This is the diary of a life, a family complete with child and dog, flowers, birds, and trees -- words and images about happiness and natural growth.  It also speaks of the surprising ways of color, cameras, and imagination expressed in radiance and darkness.  Cig Harvey’s photographs harbor stories and secrets, sometimes with words that images refer to at the most unexpected angles.  Things are not always what they seem, all the world’s a metaphor and the commonplace a fable.  Peonies whisper hello and goodbye, a blanket stands on its own feet in a corner, a landscape is nothing but fur and sky, a mouth is replaced by a moth.  People are sometimes present but half hidden, veiled by curtains and windshields and screen doors, the generous leaves of a sunlit orchard, long grasses, deep shadows.

Harvey’s light sources are uncommonly elusive and unpredictable, even verging on conundrum, as if in agreement with Louise Gluck’s poem:
“It is not the moon, I tell you.
It is these flowers
lighting the yard.”.

Here the “light” in “photo”graphy is translated into a magical trick frequently played against the dark, and Harvey courts the night, often to undo it.  Darkness, after all, is reliable; it always keeps its appointments. Indeed, nature can outdo clocks as a reminder that time is inexorable.  Dusk comes on without fail every evening; day makes a habit of vanquishing night. Far from cursing the darkness, Harvey punctuates it with all the candles on a birthday cake.  A pool as she sees it glows like a cauldron at night, a vigorous moon drenches the earth with a dazzle of stars, balloons gleam fluorescently like alternate worlds, and at dusk a woman’s head blazes like a blank and perfect sun. A hand holding a tiny toy horse is lit up in an inky surround; a ghostly, disembodied face appears amid dimly seen ferns at night; a child’s arm is the glimmering center of an indigo blanket and a dark turquoise chair; and in daylight a garland of cut-out stars shines like hand-held sunlight.

Color shifts with the time and seasons from rich to mellow until winter bleaches it out.  Occasionally a single color moves in like a flood or a benign invasion: a red chair and a red-painted wall do their best to imitate the brilliance of pomegranate seeds; elsewhere the imprint of a bright red feather floats against a crimson wall above a maroon coverlet.  

A lot of time goes by within these pages.  Not only does day turn into night repeatedly, but spring segues into summer, autumn leaves shine on the ground, the trees stand up naked, and snow engulfs the land. In photographs as in life, time moves solely in one direction, yet in photographs light and dark can disregard the clock and other established patterns.  At Cig Harvey’s bidding, light waltzes dashingly across the ordinary routes of day and night alike, while her loving and enterprising camera fills in the empty spaces on their dance cards.

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