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Gardening at Night is an exploration of home, family, nature, and time. It’s predecessor, You Look at Me Like an Emergency, captured journeys in finding and defining home, while Gardening at Night denotes settling into one’s landscape, and creating life where you are. 

The narrative throughout has a delicious element of magical realism – the viewer is left with the feeling of waking within a dream. On the other hand there is familiarity in what she evokes – something primal and instinctual that points to each person’s connection to nature. 

Seasons figure prominently as metaphors for the cycle of life, and interplays between shadow and light underscore the work. Each photograph and written vignette offers a tactile experience of things that ordinarily seem intangible – the secret life of birds, of barren winter trees, of the lake in spring time, or the girl in the window whose house you pass every day. 

The seventy five jewel-toned images are arresting and weighted, but punctuated, as always by Cig’s characteristic whimsical style. The result is an intensely personal collection that captures an experience of the world that is at once otherworldly and yet instantly familiar.

Forward by Vicki Goldberg // Designed by Deb Wood
Published by Schilt Publishing.

“ Cig Harvey reveals the mysticism in the mundane. Her photos, taken over the course of four years, explore the passage of time and show that home is wherever you look for it.”
— VOGUE Magazine

One of the most notable photography books published this year.
— PDN Magazine

Cig Harvey’s You Look At Me Like An Emergency is a visual autobiography populated by the photographer’s central relationships for more than a decade. Through rich, vibrant photographs and startlingly, honest writing, Cig transforms quotidian experiences, that reference time and place, creating totems that mark key moments in her life.

As much a map of one woman’s emotional life as it is a catalog of psychological archetypes, You Look At Me Like An Emergency, takes the viewer on a literal and metaphorical journey that deals with rejection, hope, strength, loss and love to finally find a place called home. In seventy-four luminous photographs and seventeen personally written vignettes, You Look At Me Like An Emergency, conveys the universal quest for personal identity and place in the world.

Forward by Vicki Goldberg // Designed by Deb Wood

Published by Schilt Publishing. Distributed by Thames & Hudson, in Europe and Ingram in US. Spring 2012.

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Artist Books

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The Hope Chest
A untraditional love story told in twelve parts. Each section has a written vignette and either a single, diptych or triptych photograph. All 24 photographs are 8"x8" archival C-prints on Kodak Endura Luster paper and mounted on to Stonehenge White. Covers and pockets are made from Stonehenge Pearl gray paper and ink jet vellum. Book design and assembly by my self and Claire Donnelly. Wrap-around cover is printed letterpress in gold by Wolfe Editions. Custom-made clamshell constructed by Caitlyn Thompson in the softest leather with gold leaf titling.

The Hope Chest is in the permanent collections of The Farnsworth Museum, Rockland, Maine, Special Collections at Bowdoin College, Brunswick, Maine and The University of Washington, Seattle, Washington.

The Hope Chest is made in an edition of 15 with 2 artist proofs. All books are numbered and signed.
Current Price is $5500

Tread Softly 
Tread Softly is an autobiographical story about loss and the struggle to find independence visually told through 24 original silver gelatin prints. Each image is individually printed by the myself on a Kodak single weight semi-matte paper and toned in selenium 1:20 for archival purposes. The unique binding was designed in collaboration with artist Jessica Gellweiler and each piece is professionally hand bound one-by-one by myself using a beautiful acid free archival paper interleaved with a Japanese tissue. It is an absolute exquisite artifact.

Tread Softly is made in an edition of 15 with 2 artist proofs. All books are numbered and signed.